Controversial Hardcore Russian Protein Mix Reportedly Builds 'Steroid-Like' Muscle — But Should It Be Banned?
Muscle Protein

Controversy is swirling around a powerful, new protein powder that reportedly builds steroid-like muscle without the side-effects.

A new dietary supplement containing naturally occurring "anabolic intermediates" discovered by Russian sports scientists is currently the hottest thing going in amateur athletics — but not without controversy.

Critics say the supplement — called Mонстр Mикс (Russian for Monster Mix) — gives athletes an “unfair advantage” and should be banned. Proponents argue that research shows the powdered sports drink to be both safe and effective and that banning the supplement containing natural plant compounds would be akin to banning vitamins.

One thing people on both sides can agree on is the controversial, new supplement works. Research recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that 40 experienced weight-training athletes supplementing with the metabolic intermediaries in Monster Mix experienced a 6% increase in lean muscle mass within just 10 days.

In another recent study, human test subjects supplementing with the anabolic agents in Monster Mix showed marked increases in muscle protein synthesis and hypertrophy (muscle growth), greater back muscle strength, better coordination, and improved recovery ability.

What’s more, recent research out of Russia shows Monster Mix’s biochemical matrix had a profound effect on activating lutenizing hormons in the body, which in turn signaled testosterone production by as much as 440%.

And if all that weren’t reason enough to have athletes stocking up, a separate study recently carried out in Russia showed this unique biochemical matrix helped increase the muscle strength and mass of Russian athletes, while speeding their recovery time from exercise, by naturally increasing levels of IGF-1 (growth hormone) and testosterone.

Fair Game or Unfair Advantage?

MuscleWord-of-mouth marketing has led to Mонстр Mикс rivaling creatine as the most popular supplement in amateur athletic locker rooms. However, according to some critics, the new super supplement amounts to an unfair advantage and should be banned because it too closely resembles steroids in its benefits.

According to the Hatch Act, in order for any supplement to be legal it only needs to be found in a compound that exists in nature. But just because it’s legal and safe doesn’t mean it’s not cheating. There's the ethical question of whether these types of steroid substitutes artificially boost muscle size, strength, and performance — thereby giving athletes an unfair advantage.

‘Unreal’ Size and Strength Gains

Whether or not using Mонстр Mикс (Monster Mix) constitutes “cheating” doesn’t concern the thousands of athletes and fitness buffs using it.

On his Facebook page, Dave Adams of Columbia, Missouri, writes, “I’ve never really been much of a supplement user. But when I recently heard about how Monster Mix works and read the results of the scientific studies and feedback from other people who have used this product, I figured I better give this stuff a try.

“To my surprise, after a month on Monster Mix, I put on 15 solid pounds of muscle mass and when I work out, my muscles get so pumped, they almost feel like they’re going to explode.”

Another believer is Jack Blanco of Medford, New York, who writes, “I’m on my second month using Monster Mix, and it really does work! I’ve got mass like never before. I’ve added over 20 pounds of muscle and increased my bench press by 50 pounds in the two months I’ve been using it. It’s totally outrageous!"

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